Without a doubt, my start in media came on YouTube all the way back when I was eleven years old. I had a few YouTube channels that are defunct right now, but the one that has certainly stuck through the tests of time is my current channel, "legorocks99Gaming." On this channel, I make commentary videos over video game footage as "legorocks99." Special videos with different mediums are also scattered around once in a while. I've created over 4,000 total videos, and I love and dedicate myself to this project just as much now as when I started it in early 2012.

Hockey Commentary

You can check out my whole page on hockey news and commentary, but my YouTube channel is my main conveyor of hockey-related media content from myself. From news to scouting reports, from game reviews to editorials, my channel today houses many of my hockey takes.

The Start of Canucks/NHL Commentary

Forgive me for my potentially horrendous hot takes, but back in the spring of 2016, I decided to start making Canucks and NHL commentary videos, where I'd give my takes on happenings around the real hockey world. This ultimately led to me finding a passion in sports broadcasting.


Going throughout high-school, I was a fairly deep thinker. Seeing as I had a platform of self-expression, I would occasionally take the time to post commentaries about the different philosophies that presented themselves throughout my daily life.

WWE Gameplays

While hockey was all fun and dandy, some of my most successful and fun videos to make revolved around the WWE video games. From Smackdown VS Raw 2011 to WWE 2K17, I always loved the creativity and arcade style of these games, thus prompting me to making videos on them too.

NHL Video Games

My NHL fandom and obsession on YouTube started out with the video games back when I was a pre-teen. Despite not knowing too much about the league until my teen years, I always loved the games and wanted to make videos on them too.

The Early Black Ops 2 Videos

Black Ops 2 was where I really started getting incredibly serious about doing YouTube as a prime time hobby. During these days in 2012 and 2013, I enjoyed the heck out of this game and wanted to do nothing more than share my gameplays and commentary. It was quite early on in my "media career", and it shows my growth.

The Golden Days of Black Ops

For sure, the game that inspired me towards doing YouTube in general was Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was so awesome seeing other gameplay commentators on YouTube like xJawz, WoodysGamertag, and Obviously Jesus making videos on this fun game. Enjoy some of my attempts at doing the same.

The Origins

This is the first video available on legorocks99Gaming; it's a video of an 11-year-old me commentating on a game of Burnout Paradise, with some sloppy commentary and some even sloppier quality gameplay. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the spectacle that started it all.

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