Scouting Reports

While I'm very passionate about the NHL and its stories, I am equally as passionate about the stars of tomorrow's hockey. I dedicate a lot of my content on YouTube as legorocks99 to also making scouting reports on NHL prospects, and NHL Draft-eligible prospects.

Vancouver Canucks Prospects Discussion

As a primary Vancouver Canucks fan, I focus a lot of my prospect coverage and discussion content on the youthful assets and draft picks of the Canucks. I cover a variety of topics regarding the Canucks of tomorrow in an audio-commentary form, focusing on a variety of prospect topics. Throughout the years I have made videos discussing the likes of Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser, Quinn Hughes, Kole Lind, among other notable prospects of the Canucks present and past.

NHL Prospect Coverage

Even though I'm a Canucks fan, I'm no stranger to the rest of the NHL and the prospects that will carry the league towards the future. As a hockey fan in general, prospects intrigue me to a great degree, so I do my best to cover and discuss NHL prospects in the OHL, WHL, QMJHL, Liiga, SHL, KHL, and more, in the most engaging and attractive ability. Despite straying away from my hometown team, the youthful hockey world in general has so much talent to gush over.

NHL Entry Draft Coverage

While prospects in the NHL are fun to cover, there's a special charm in discussing the hockey players to be drafted in the future, and who aren't affiliated with any NHL club. I have made several draft profile and discussion videos for young, typically 17-year-old hockey players, who are waiting to see their names upon the drafted list of the National Hockey League. With coverage spanning the last few years of NHL Entry Drafts, there are always names to discuss.

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