Throughout my time on YouTube as legorocks99Gaming, I've managed and created all of my thumbnails myself in Adobe Photoshop. It's been a really long time of observing, learning, and mastering my own graphic designing style, and it's incredible to note the evolution of my editing abilities. From video games like Call of Duty, the NHL series, and the WWE games, to the current edits of hockey players, there's a panoply of content and experience in my design work.

Here is a short gallery of some of the pieces I've created.

Thumbnails Today

Today I've picked up on many graphic design skills, using things like layer masks and textures to really enhance each image I create. Ultimately, there's a bigger story behind every picture, and I seek to bring out the most in each story through the lens of Adobe Photoshop.

This is a purple/yellow blend with lightning and other loud visual effects. I wanted to highlight the blue hues of Hughes' jersey in contrast with the yellow of the rest of his uniform. Using a heavy gradient map, I think the end result was pretty well executed.

Of course, this video is about an extraordinarily hot take, but throughout his rookie year, claims for the Hart Trophy certainly existed. This thumbnail takes the golden theme and brings it out with the darks of Pettersson's suit and the golden-hued Rogers Arena.

This was one of my earlier creative projects, focusing on then-Colorado Avalanche prospect Cale Makar. I tried incorporating different Colorado things, from the stars and the mountains to the Avalanche logo in the sky. Overall, I think this is a nice collage with a focus on the player.

Bowen Byram

Bowen Byram in his draft year made headlines as the star of the Vancouver Giants. Throughout this time, Byram was making definitive claims to being the best defenceman of the draft. This thumbnail puts a high focus on the player, and uses many layering and noise effects to bring out the details in the Giants jersey.

Jan Kovar Coming to New York

This one was a bit earlier, but when Jan Kovar made his transition from the KHL to North America, I covered it in a short video review. The thumbnail tries to blend and blur the glow of Kovar's image as well as the Long Island picture in the background. Overall I like the blend of colours and the smoothness of the stick's intrusion into the text.

Dylan Strome's Blackhawks Revival

When Dylan Strome was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks from the Arizona Coyotes, it was a revitalization of his career, as he was reunited with Erie Otters teammate Alex DeBrincat. The two started tearing it up, and I covered this story in a short video. The thumbnail is really dirty and gritty, combining the two themes of the Erie Otters and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Franchise & Generational Prospects

Throughout the recent years of the NHL Entry Draft, there have been many talents receiving labels such as either elite, franchise, or generational. With a plethora of fantastic hockey stars coming into their own, this video highlighted my opinions on the different players and their labels. The thumbnail uses different players and texture effects.

Why I Want: Kirby Dach

Why I Want is a series that I produced covering NHL prospects in the upcoming drafts and why I would want them for the Vancouver Canucks. This first episode of the 2018-2019 edition of the series covered Saskatoon Blades star Kirby Dach. The thumbnail has a nice graffiti-style background with yellow lightning and a hued Canucks logo.

Quinn Hughes the American Goon

In a World Juniors preliminary game in 2019, then-Vancouver Canucks prospect Quinn Hughes got into a few scrums. He garnered 18 penalty minutes in the game, as well as a game misconduct. My video review of the incident highlighted Hughes and his aggressive play. The thumbnail combines many layering and noise effects, featuring American graphics

The Early Days - 2013

These are the earliest thumbnails I produced as legorocks99, all the way back when I was 12-13. They're as simple as thumbnails can get. Nothing fancy, just a graphic image here and there with some text.

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