Cover Art

Social Media Banners

Throughout my years on social media, from YouTube to Twitter, I have taught myself many photo editing and graphic design skills on Adobe Photoshop and have learnt how to make my own cover art for my profiles. This is a gallery of some of the pieces I have made in the past, for use throughout many social media platforms, mostly as legorocks99Gaming (or legorocks99).

Green Fade legorocks99Gaming YouTube Banner: Mid-2013

This is one of the first rough drafts of a cover art that I made. I wanted an oozing, Monster Energy sort of look.

Flames legorocks99Gaming YouTube Banner: Late-2013

Later on in the year, I wanted to switch things up to a bit more of a loud YouTube banner. This time, I went with flames and a mechanical look.

Blue Mechanical legorocks99Gaming Banner: Late-2013

Sticking with that mechanical look, I wanted to clean it up a little bit more, focusing more on the contrast with the different blues and white.

Video Game Collage legorocks99Gaming Banner: Early-2014

Later on, I wanted my banner to reflect the many different aspects that made up my gaming videos; with different characters and objects.

Astronomical legorocks99Gaming Banner: Late-2014

This banner was a combination of many layer effects and skills. Despite being from 2014 years old, it’s still the banner that I use today for my YouTube channel and other media outlets. Sure, it’s quite simple, but it’s one of my favourite pieces.

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