Audio Production

Throughout my time on YouTube, I have studied the language of Adobe Audition and its panoply of audio editing/production tools. These skills have helped me develop and hone my media production, and have played a big part in the quality of my YouTube product.

In addition to this, the BCIT Radio Arts & Entertainment program puts a heavy emphasis on the education of audio production, specifically with Adobe Audition as well. Going to school for audio and media has been very beneficial for me in improving my craft and opening up doors to new projects and audio production opportunities.

Here is a collection of my featured projects with audio production.


As a BCIT Radio Arts & Entertainment student, we learn about and experiment with the practices of journalism through various audio projects. Check out some of my journalistically produced audio pieces!


As a broadcasting media personality, where would I be without having experimented with podcasting? Check out the podcast projects that I have produced, as well as the casts that I had been featured on as a guest!

YouTube Channel

Since the majority of my YouTube channel is audio-based, most of my skills in audio production have been forged within me through this platform. Virtually every video on my channel features a portion of edited audio content.

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