This is an on-air demo for a three-hour shift at Evolution 107.9 CFML-FM, performed on Oct. 4th, 2019 as part of the BCIT Radio Arts & Entertainment program.

This performance primarily relies on production elements in controlling the soundboard for each audible element, from the personality's voice to the sportscasts, newscasts, and the music itself. As well, a heavy emphasis is placed on storytelling performance.

This is a sample newscast by Gio Palermo, performed live for Evolution 107.9 CFML-FM for 12:30pm, from Sept. 20th, 2019. This cast was produced, structured, and written by Gio Palermo for the program.

Initially a 5-minute newscast, this audio segment had to be constructed through the different elements of effective journalism, and performed using the proper script performance techniques.

This is a sample sportscast by Gio Palermo, performed live for Evolution 107.9 CFML-FM for 12:30pm, from May 3rd, 2019.

Initially a 3-minute newscast, this sportscasts relies on the values and newsworthy determinants relevant to the Evolution demographic, and as such has a focus on Vancouver hockey from the Canucks to the Giants, as well as other Canadian sports teams.

Richmond Sockeyes Play-By-Play Commentary

I am a the main play-by-play commentator for the Richmond Sockeyes Junior-B ice hockey team for 2019-2020, which plays its PJHL games out of Minoru Arena in Richmond, BC.

As a broadcasting and media personality for the team, I am also tasked with various different roles, from colour commentary to camera work, and managing the social media pages for the club.

The Pacific Junior Hockey League houses some very competitive junior hockey, so it's a valuable experience calling these games.

This is a short play-by-play commentary demo of two early 2019-2020 regular season games.

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