News & Commentary

YouTube Videos

On my YouTube account legorocks99Gaming, I upload frequent hockey news updates with my commentary. I primarily focus on the Vancouver Canucks, while also producing content about the rest of the NHL. These videos are created with different media techniques, with a presentation focusing on video gameplay, and audio commentary that highlights each video’s topic.

Vancouver Canucks Game Reviews

I particularly focus on the Vancouver Canucks, as I am a Vancouver native. For two seasons now I have made post-game reaction / game review videos of the Vancouver Canucks in their NHL performances. I haven’t covered every single game, but there is always a narrative that I try to bring up in these audio commentary videos.

Trade Reports

I also take time to upload detailed analysis videos on trades that happen in the NHL. I provide content and commentary on trade topics that spark the most interesting stories and narratives. I discuss the meaning of trades, and what these moves can do for the respective NHL teams involved. These are also in a video game commentary-style format, similar to radio broadcasts.

Opinions & Editorial Commentary

Throughout my channel, I frequently provide my own opinionated commentary on hot topics around the NHL and Vancouver Canucks communities. These videos are in the same audio commentary format, and can feature a variety of different topics. These videos truly allow my own expertise and self to shine on my YouTube media platform.

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